Lest They Feel Neglected


We’re in a strange season of life. We have additional family living with us and I find myself tossed between tasks, spending purposeful time with my kids, sanity, life counseling, and full-time nannying. It’s exhausting and honestly, uncomfortable.

Recently, I found myself wondering if we were doing the right thing and I literally said to myself that I don’t want my kids to feel like I had to make them less than my top priority because…. and I had to pause because the thing that came to mind is “because we put following Jesus first.”

It stung a little coming out— of course, I didn’t say it out loud but I would have if I had been talking to anyone else but myself (hello, motherhood, I talk to myself! Lol)

Isn’t that what I want?? Don’t I want my kids to see me making sacrifices for the Kingdom? Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that the only time I want them to feel a little “neglected” if need be because that’s how important following Christ is?

Of course I don’t want them to feel neglected, to feel less than a top priority, but in this season of sacrifice (for us all—them included) aren’t I teaching them what “suffering” in its most basic sense is? Aren’t I showing them firsthand that we love even when it’s not easy and convenient, like Christ loved and continues to love us?!

Every day a new lesson and a new exposure of my sinful heart and His Heart of Love and Grace!


Sleep Training


I’m sitting here nursing my third kid.  He’s falling asleep.  I say that so anyone who doubts whether this opinionated person has kids can know that I do…. I have 3 boys — all 20 months apart.  Crazy, I know.

I laugh that after a long reprise from blogging, the one thing that got me to open my computer again for the purpose of writing on a website that I may or may not link to social media sites for people (who shall remain nameless) to hopefully read and process is this.  Sleep training.

I read a social media post today about a girl who is not allowing herself to nurse her 2 month old to sleep at night.  I find this ridiculous.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my mom’s group, my Wonder Weeks app, and the variety of sleep counsel I get on the http://www.babysleepsite.com, but I find myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the incessant idea that sleep training infants is a proven science.

These are not animals.  These are not items.  These are not inanimate objects without feelings, insecurities, indigestion, developmental stages, and emotional desires.  These are little humans. Is it really so bad to be nursing your 2-month old to sleep? Must you really insist that this infant who just 8 weeks ago was inside you might want the comfort f their parent to relax into slumber?  Why does everything this early have be so scientific, so scheduled, so  cut and dry.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is some sleep training that needs to happen eventually.  Kids can’t just “put themselves to bed” or act without a schedule or run around like crazy until they’re literally falling asleep half climbing on the couch (this is another topic that gets me just as heated).  However, when we’re talking about infants who have no way to communicate fear, pain, hunger, etc., without crying, I am so against the sleeping-training-is-king mentality that is actually makes me boil over inside.

Get a grip, people.  Your little one is only little so long.  I promise you it gets better, you can schedule them up later, you’ll have lots of time to undo the “Oh no, I rocked him to sleep again tonight” that you fear so much in the next 5 years.  Get over it, pick up that baby, and rock him to sleep!  Soon he won’t want to be rocked, he won’t want you to sing to him, he won’t want to be snuggled, and he won’t want to be held.  Life is too short, and this season goes too fast to worry about sleep training a 2-month old.


Late Saturday Night Musing.


11:12 pm.

Nothing big to say except that I’m tired. Everyone around me – EVERYONE – is sleeping, and I’m still up, writing goals, making plans, wishing somehow that I could start making changes tonight.

Why do people make resolutions on New Years? If you know you have changes to make, why wait another few weeks? Why not now?

You can’t handle the truth.


Let’s be honest; we all like to be coddled. After all, that’s part if not completely why we complain to other people. Am I right?  However, when it comes to hearing the truth about a heart issue in our life, when someone gets the guts to confront us on some nasty area of our life, we lash out.

We say we want friends–real friends. friends who will go through thick and thin with us; but those friends have just called us out, and we’re spitting in their faces and calling them judgmental.

The fact is, like the age-old quote from A Few Good Men, you/we can’t handle the truth.  We have our little worlds tucked nicely inside a box and if you dare tell us that we’ve dropped the ball in some way, we will accuse you of judgment and say you’ve called us a failure.

The truth is… get ready to hear it.  Some things need to change.  Those things that people say about us behind our backs — not the stuff that is unwarranted — but the truth that no one has the guts to address (stuff like my problem with gossip, my selfish concerns, my gross obesity, my heart of bitterness), those things need discussing.  Those topics need attention and those issues need fixing.

Talking about it won’t fix it 100% of the time, but avoiding those issues and/or pretending they don’t exist most-definitely will only add to the problem.

Communication is necessary,  yes, but a willingness to step out of the box and be uncomfortable is the key.  It might be offensive if you’re defensive, but I promise, we can make progress.

Bear with me. Pray with me.


Where to start.  This blog is honesty in its intended form.  It is the discussion of that which is necessary, the contemplation of Truth, and the confrontation of that which has too long been considered “taboo”.

If you choose to read on, thank you. I ask that you join the conversations, the controversy, and the mission to walk in raw affection for Jesus Christ, throwing out all religiosity, religious correct-ness, and taboo topics in order to glorify Him in EVERY conversation, situation, and are of life.

From sex to relationships, parenting, body image, and current events, I ask that you pray earnestly through these discussions and be guided by the principle that nothing is off limits to the calling of glorifying Christ.